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Dans le milieu des années 90, Sean Price, connu sous le nom de Ruck, et son partenaire Rock, ont sorti des bouches d’égouts leur premier album, Nocturnal, sous la bannière du groupe Heltah Skeltah.

C’était une belle époque où la côte Est lâchait des classiques de gauche et de droite, entremêlés de hits commerciales à la Jay-Z. C’est vrai qu’Heltah Skeltah et son crew légendaire, Boot Camp Clik, n’a jamais eu le succès populaire des Wu-Tang Clan ou des Mobb Deep, mais ils reçoivent les éloges du magasine The Source, élu meilleur nouveau groupe de 1996.

Price a malheureusement…

…demeuré dans l’ombre de Rock durant cette époque, à cause des vocalises profondes dans les basses de ce dernier, cependant ils étaient tous les deux des paroliers époustouflants.

Pour rétablir un peu la balance, télécharger cette rétrospective de notre Sean, loin d’être Puffy…

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Part 1

1.Boost Mobile Intro
2.At The End Of The Day
3.Don’t Say !! To Ruck
4.Sixteen Feat. Heineken Jones
5.Hang Your Self
6.How It Soundz Feat. Jimmy Grand, AG
7.Lenny & Squigge Featuring Curry Loo & Agallah
8.Bed-Stuy 2 Brownsville Feat Tek of Smif N Wessun
9.No Matter feat.El Da Sensei
10.Lenny & Spitty Go Off Featuring Agallah
11.Onion Head (Remix) feat. Doujah Raze
12.Above the Law feat. Starang Wondah, Tommy Tee, Agallah & Labba
13.Outlive The War (Feat Jedi Mind Tricks & Block Mc Cloud)
14.Star Destroyers Feat. The High & Mighty
15.Remember Me Feat. Scram Jones
16.Pantyraid Feat. Rok One & The !!whippaz
17.Ruck & AGG Featuring Agallah
18.Blood Runs Cold Feat Jedi Mind Tricks
19.Da Rookee Feat. KC
20.Warzone Feat. D-Flame
21.Freestyle Feat. Thirstin Howl III & Master Fuol
22.Hip Hop Game Freestyle
23.Move On It Feat. Anonymous Twist
24.Don’t Wanna Play (LIVE)

Part 2

1.Passion Intro
3.The Backpack Song
4.Fair One (Feat Reef The Lost Cauze) 5.My Tribute
6.Beyond The Gates Of Pain feat. Jedi Mind Tricks
7.So Excited (feat. War Bixby, Block Mcloud, Blanquito)
8.N Y C
9.60 Bar Dash
10.Dont Wanna Play
11.Live the Life Feat. Rustee Juxx
12.High Times Starang Wondah, Blackmoon & Top Dog
13.Pay Me Feat. Agallah
14.Dominique Wilkins Feat. The !!wippaz & Eddie Brock
16.5th Chamber Feat12:00, Bronze Nazareth & Prodigal Sunn
17.Rags To Riches feat Bloodthirst
18.Tell E Mundo
19.Major League Feat. Matt Fingaz, Agallah, Labba, & Cash Brown
20.Last Days
21.Come on Now Feat. Mr. Eon
22.WNYU FM Freestyle

Part 3

1.Heltah Skeltah Intro
2.Ultimate Rush Feat. Saukrates
3.Caca Gosa Vixen
4.Feel the Vibe Feat. Rampage & Doo Wop
5.Game Over Feat. Das EFX, Glaze
6.Underground Tactics
7.The Crab Inn
8.Duck Down Feat. Lord Digga & sMACKMAN
9.Uni-4-Orm Feat. Ras Kass & Canibus
10.No, No, No feat Heltah Skeltah
11.Wanna Ride (Featuring Agallah, Lil Roc & Steele)
12.Gunz ‘N Onez (Iz U Wit Me) Feat. Method Man
13.Freestyle Feat.OGC
15.The Great Diamond Feat Sadat X
16.Black Fonzerelliz (Uncut Mix)
17.Brothaz Keepa
18.Feel The O’s
19.Magnum Force feat. Representativz & Rustee Juxx
20.Thunder’s Theme feat. Thunder

Part 4

1.Welcome Intro
2.Loose Cannons Feat. Doujah Raze & Baron
3.Bong Yoooo Feat. Flood & Rustee Juxx
4.E And Walt Wonderin Ft. Rapper Big Pooh And Buckshot
5.Blong Blong Feat.Supreme
6.Black Republicans Remix Feat. Nas & Jay Z
7.Gunz (Feat Jus Allah & Doujah Raze
8.Speakin’ My Mind (Remix) Feat. Pumpkinhead & Silent Knight
9.Instructions Feat. Agallah
10.Stomp Remix Feat. Bad Seed, Session, Copywrite, Poison Pen, Arch Rival & Pack FM
11.Symphonies Feat. Rebel INS, & Phil Anastasia
12.Verbal Fisticuffs Feat. Head Turners
13.Still Grimey Feat. U-God, C-Rayz Walz & Prodigal Sunn
14.Fahrenheit Feat. A.G. & Doujah Raze
15.Air It Out Feat Form One
16.Dirty, Grimey, & Low Down
17.Crack The Egg Feat. High & Mighty
18.PF Cuttin Exclusive (Scrapped Monkey Barz Track)
19.My Mic Sound Nice Feat. the Representativez
20.Best Rappers Out Feat. Pumpkinhead
21.60 Bar Dash (A-Beats Rmx)

Part 5

1.More Or Less (Ruck Joint)
2.Jesus Price (Crazy)
3.What Now Feat.Muneshine & Termanology
4.Change of the Guard feat. Gawdbless
5.Showcase Feat. Phil Harmonic
6.All In Your Head Feat. Sandpeople
7.Oh Mein Gott (Feat. Abroo)
8.Girls Feat. Destiny’s Child
9.No Respect Feat.Delinquent Monastery & Okwerdz
10.24k (Punks Still Jump Up) Feat. Buckshot & Jean Grae
11.That Sound Feat. Hochii
12.Looking Down The Barrel Feat. Black Moon
13.What Would U Do Feat Black Moon
14.Street Sweepers Freestyle Feat. Buckshot & Smif N Wessun
15.U Wonderin feat. Buckshot and Big Pooh
16.Hurt Nobody Feat. Rock
17.You Don’t Know Like I Know Feat. Rock, E. Sermon .Trigga The Gambler, Smoothe Da Hustler, & Starang Wondah
18.We Nah Miss Feat. Elemental One
19.Shooters Feat. General Steele
20.My Ghetto Remix Feat. Thirstin Howl

Part 6

1.Sean P Intro
2.G4 Freestyle 101
3.One Of The Best
4.Kings of Kings Feat. Clutchplayer and Sene
5.Best Friends Feat. Jay Bizzy
6.You Get No Love (Feat. Starang & A.DD)
7.Lets Ride Feat. C.O.D.
8.State of Mind Featuring J – Spliff
9.Automatic Feat. Brad Strut 
10.Whats My Mother!!in Name?
11.Bootcamp Infantry Feat. Buckshot, Smif, & Wessun
12.I’m Outa Here Feat. Zoxea
13.Ten Featuring M-1 of Dead Prez & Miss Knockout
14.Grimey Lords Feat. Jus Allah & U-God
15.Outlive The War Remix (feat. Jedi Mind Tricks & Block Mc Cloud)
16.Unbreakable Feat. Magnum Dollar$
17.Revival Featuring Keyo & Ijah
18.Cataclizm Feat. Blind Alphabetz
19.Halftime Freestyle Part 1
20.Halftime Freestyle Part 2
21.Halftime Freestyle Part 3
22.Halftime Freestyle Part 4
23.The Alliance Freestyle
24.Freestyle Feat. Rock, Buckshot
25.Brownsville Outro

Part 7

1.Listen To P Intro
2.Down Wit My niccas
3.We’re Back Feat. Rock
4.Git Some Featuring EMC The Group
5.D&D Soundclash Freestyle
6.War On Drugs Feat. One Dae
7.Boston to Bucktown feat. Special Teamz and Buckshot
8.Bully!! Feat. King Magnetic
9.Say Goodbye (Remix) Feat. Party Arty,Rugged Intellect,Rustee Juxx,Solomon Childs
10.Shots feat. DHO
11.Grown Man Rap Feat. NeM$
12.Around My Block Feat. Brand Stacks, Dreek, & Korrec
13.Hey Ladies Feat. J Biz & Critical
14.Say What (Avids Remix)
15.Turn It Up feat. Nervous Reck & The Away Team
16.Getchya Team Feat. Rock & Buckshot
17.Real !! Feat. Agallah
18.The Ghetto Feat. Steele
19.Chorus Collection 
20.South Brooklyn 2 East NY Feat. Ike Eyez
21.Peep My Words Remix
22.Run Feat. Guilty Simpson & Black Milk 
23.We Put It Down Feat. Datin

Part 8

1.P’s UP
2.The Unexpected Feat. Doom & DJ Babu
3.Goon Opera (Feat. Kool G Rap, Chino XL, C Rayz Walz, & Hell Razah
4.Automatic (Official Remix) Feat. Brad Strut & Kansel,
5.King Of The Decks (Feat. DJ Revolution & Tash)
6.The Matrix (feat. DJ Premier, Pharoahe Monch, & Black Milk)
7.HaHa Da Rah Rah Feat. Tame One
8.Heltah Skeltah Freestyle
9.!! Dat Rapper Feat. Rock
10.Hammer Feat. Blind Alphabetz
11.Cover My Tracks Feat. Deezuz
12.Rock the Spot feat. Bash Bros., Big Pooh & DJ Icewater
13.Speakin’ My Mind Feat. Silent Knight (E.Jones Remix)
14.Why You Wanna Do That (Feat. Cold Heat, Large Pro & Craig G)
15.The Pledge (feat.Kidz In The Hall & Buckshot)
16.Submission (feat. Skyzoo & Chaundon)
17.Loose Cannons (Remix)
18.All in Your Head (Simple Remix) Feat. Illmaculate
19.Stop Playin’ (Featuring Lex Starwind
20.Comin To k!ll (feat. Rustee Juxx & Sav k!llz)
21.Superhumans Feat. Info Gates
22.Wont Let Go Feat. Finzta
23.Goodnight !!! Feat. King Magnetic

Part 9

1.Sean Til November Intro
2.Tony Touch Shade 45 Freestyle
3.Tripple Homicide Feat. Jo Jo Pelligrino & Insepctah Deck
4.Riot Feat. Illa Noyz, UG, General Steele
5.Critically Acclaimed ft Lil Fame of M.O.P. & Saigon
6.Radiant Jewels Feat. Raekwon & Cormega
7.Hold Up Feat Masta Ace & Torae
8.Street Life Feat. Sha Stimuli & CyMarshall Law 
9.Disturbed Feat. Blame One & Exile
10.murk Feat. Chino XL & k!llah Priest
11.Killa Price Feat. Gold Chain Military
12.Ruthless Feat. Amadeus The Stampede & J The S
13.Let The Games Begin ft. 67 Mob & M-Eighty
14.Credibility Feat. XXL
15.Freestyle Feat. Rock
16.D.R.E.A.M. Feat. DJ Honda
17.Broke As !! Feat. Big Scen & DJ Grouch 
18.Amazin Feat. Krs-One, Buckshot, & Loudmouf Choir 
19.Zepplin Fuel Feat. Agallah
20.Heltah Skeltah G4 Freestyle 
21.Onion Talk Feat. Buckshot


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